Social Business will have a great impact on companies in the future

The business sector faces a number of challenges in the coming years which call for new tools to maintain success:

  • New generations are joining the work force. The new generations have grown up with the Internet and social media e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and they are familiar with a more open way of communicating.
  • In our globalized world work is done across borders. Project teams are often made out of persons with different backgrounds and cultures and across organizations.

This increases the demands for a more open, flexible and transparent organization.

IBM Social Business is the name of a number of tools which makes it easier to share knowledge and communicate – internally as well as with customers or other partners. IBM Social Business provides an effective platform for exchanging ideas, collaborating and communication more effectively in your organization as well as with partners and customers.

It is an open and secure social software which supports your collaboration internally and externally.


File and document sharing

Save documents in online folders and share them with other users or external contacts. Work with document comments, version control, file locking for editing or use review functions. Get an intuitive access control on your documents and files and receive a notice when new versions are available or changes are made.

Access all your documents via

  • E-mail clients (Microsoft Outlook/IBM Notes)
  • Mobile/tablets
  • Web browsers
  • Windows Explorer.
  • Save your changes from MS Office or Open Office directly to communities, folders or your personal share.



Project rooms and communities

Administer and share files, bookmarks and discussion in communities and control the communication internally in a project team or a community of users.
Add or remove functions from the communities depending on the needs of each community.
Create external communities/project groups with partners and customers and give them access to a number of elements and files.

Collect your project communication, files and project history in one place thereby avoiding that the history is hidden in personal mailboxes or on the file server in a chaos of different versions.

In the communities it is easy to add functions such as:

  • Wikis and handbooks
  • Activities, check lists and “project templates”
  • Discussion fora
  • Polling about new ideas
  • Files/folders
  • Bookmarks
  • Galleries

Access everything from your mobile/tablet

Access all functions in IBM Connections via your mobile or tablet. You can access everything; files, activity stream and your communities.

Subscribe to selected files and have the newest versions automatically downloaded locally, e.g. brochures, instructions or presentations so you always have the newest versions when you are on the go.

The IBM Connections App is available for Android, iPad and iPhone.



Publish news and updates in the activity stream

Work directly from the activity stream with files, communications with colleagues and external partners. Follow conversations, communities and projects to gain a quick overview of what is happening in the organization right now.

Energize your processes and integrate your apps directly to the activity stream via simple web services or the extensive API.

With IBM Connections you can access:

  •  Profiles (description of employees’ competences/experience).
  •  Activities (lists of tasks – both your own and team tasks).
  •  Blogs (creation of various blogs).
  •  Bookmarks (share bookmarks/links).
  •  Activity stream (list of current activities in your personal network/community).
  •  File sharing (with versioning).
  •  Wikis.
  •  Collaboration fora
  •  Integrated email/calendar (MS Exchange or IBM Notes).
  •  Mobility (access to IBM Connections from mobile browsers or Apps).




IBM is leading in Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Social Platforms, Q2 2014!
IBM is leading in Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Social Platforms, Q2 2014!Download the report at IBM 
IDC has announced that IBM for the fifth year in succession is ranked as number one in market shares for Enterprise Social Software.
IDC har rangeret IBM nummer et i globale markedsandele for enterprise social software. Ifølge IDC analysen af 2013 indtægter, er markedet for enterprise social software-applikationer vokset fra 968 millioner dollar i 2012 til $ 1242 millioner 2013.

View IBMs press release

IBM is positioned in Leaders Quadrant in Gartner Inc.'s 2013 Magic Quadrant for Social Software on the workplace for the fifth year in succession.
IBM is positioned in Leaders Quadrant in Gartner Inc.’s 2013 Magic Quadrant for Social Software on the workplace for the fifth year in succession.Download the report at IBM

Integrations and plugins

Desktop plug-ins for Windows Explorer, Microsoft Office
Benyt IBM Connections Desktop Plug-ins til Microsoft Windows, til at dele filer og information mellem Microsoft windows applikationer og IBM Connections

Microsoft Outlook
IBM® Connections Plug-in til Microsoft Outlook er en Outlook email sidebar applikation som giver nem, og fuld adgang til IBM Connections indhold. Du kan samarbejde omkring filer eller dele kommunikation i fællesskaber direkte fra klienten.

Microsoft Sharepoint
Integration til Microsoft Sharepoint kan nemt oprettes enten via Plugins, Widgets eller begge dele.

IBM Connections Plug-in for Microsoft Sharepoint

is designed to improve Microsoft Sharepoint with extra features and collaboration tools through integration with IBM Connections.

IBM Connections Widget for Microsoft SharePoint

Enables you to access files and documents in Microsoft Sharepoint from the inside of an IBM Connections Community.

IBM Notes
IBM Connections integrates in different ways into IBM Connections. Either via direct setup in the mail client (embedded experience) or via IBM Connections Notes plugin.
The integration enables you to work with files, status updates, activities and visiting cards directly from IBM Notes.
The IBM Connections plugin for Apache Open Office enables you to work with files, communities and status updates directly from the Open Office editor.
IBM File Viewer Plugin
IBM File Viewer plugin is a file viewer for IBM Connections files/documents directly from the web browseren. This product enables you to see/print, play the presentations and zoom in an uploaded file without actually downloading the file.
IBM Docs
IBM Docs is a portfolio of online editing software which gives you the possibility of creating text, spreadsheets and presentation documents. More than one user can edit and work on the document at the same time and see comments and reviews in the document in real time. IBM docs is browser based and works with all major Internet browsers. IBM Docs is deeply integrated with IBM Connections and makes it easy to share and control files and versions. IBM Docs also includes a mobile app for iPad which makes it possible to edit directly from an iPad.
IBM Sametime
IBM Connections can be integrated with IBM Sametime Unified Communication in different ways.
IBM offers three different plugins/widgets for respectively:

  • IBM Sametime meeting rooms.
  • IBM Sametime Video chat
  • IBM Sametime chat rooms

IBM Websphere Portal
IBM Connections files and profiles easily integrate with IBM Websphere Portal.