Get the best from two worlds when IBM Connections meets SugarCRM.

IBM Connections integration into SugarCRM gives you a smart tool with a lot of flexibility.

For almost a decade, SugarCRM has provided more than 6,000 companies – large and small, all industries and worldwide – with Customer Relationship Management software. This expertise combined with IBM’s market-leading position within social software means that you will get a professional solution – unprecedented.

IBM Connections is a solution that gives you plenty of flexibility both in the office and on the go where you can use the solution on your mobile device. With IBM Connections you have access to a variety functions – file sharing with version control, activity management, communities, discussion fora, wikis, employee profiles, blogs etc.
IBM Connections comes with plug-ins for MS Outlook, IBM Notes, MS Office, Windows Explorer and MS SharePoint.

The interaction between SugarCRM and IBM Connections implies that you and your colleagues can collaborate on e.g. a contract in the IBM Connections universe with all the possibilities you have here. The newest version of a document will always be accessible in SugarCRM.

The integration between SugarCRM and IBM Connections includes 7 of IBM Connections’ core areas:

  • Activities
  • Files
  • Forum
  • Bookmarks
  • Status updates
  • Blogs
  • Wikis

We work with DRI in relation to SugarCRM and IBM Connections. Book a meeting today and meet the experts from DRI and Sander Software for a talk about how you get started with SugarCRM and IBM Connections. We can give your company an efficient communication platform for coorperation and exchange of ideas between employees, partners and customers.